Review: Little Misfortune

With Fran Bow as a predecessor, Killmonday’s 2019 adventure game ‘Little Misfortune’ had big shoes to fill, especially when the titular character is such a little lady afterall. Unlike the traditional point and click feel of Fran Bow however, Little Misfortune is more like a visual novel or a narrative adventure. Whilst that might sound a little disappointing to those wanting more puzzle and gameplay elements, believe me when I say Little Misfortune will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

Review: Children of Silentown

Perched on the edge of a dark and foreboding forest is the tiny little village of an ever decreasing population. A place where the villagers are to be seen and not heard, where the only thing you should hear is the whistle of the wind through the trees, a drip from a broken tap, or the snoring of a sleepy old dog. Welcome to Silentown.

A Very Spooky Housing Competition

Holla Ballers! Mike has been having a blast in Shadowbringers and you have supported him in ways we cant begin to thank you for. Last week, Mike was surprised by the Kweh loving free company who set a trap for him. Mike had set them a challenge to make the FC house as dark […]

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