Frequently Asked Questions


We process your order within 7 days. If payment was successful, your order status will be Processing until your shipment is underway, after which it will read Completed.

UK customers can expect to receive their order within 2-3 days after shipping with 4-7 days for EU customers.
International orders to other continents will take 7-21 days depending on country and customs.

You can find your order status within the Orders tab of your account. If payment was successful, your order status will be Processing until your shipment is underway, after which it will read Completed.

UK orders are sent without tracking information. International orders will receive tracking information as a note on your order in the Orders tab of your account.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Some countries may charge import duties, but this should only apply to the vast minority of orders from our shop, if any. 

In cases where import duties are charged, you are responsible for the payment. Unfortunately the chances of this happening is increasing for EU customers in the Brexit aftermath.

We use Royal Mail for all our shipping. UK orders are shipped with Royal Mail UK Standard 2nd Class and international orders with Royal Mail International Tracked.

Our shipping costs are priced on shipping address and total weight according to Royal Mail online prices.

We currently accept PayPal for both shop orders and membership plans. PayPal is a global standard in online payment processing that allows you to use any credit card or bank account/debit card.

We are looking into adding Stripe payments for both orders and membership plans, which would allow us to offer on-site credit card payments as well as popular bank redirect options for specific countries like iDEAL for The Netherlands and Giropay for Germany.

Yes, we’re happy to accept your return as long as the item is in the same condition as purchased and you’ve requested a return within 14 days of delivery.

Please contact us by filling in the contact form or emailing us at detailing your return request. Make sure to include name, address and order number.

Prices in our shop are set according to UK VAT(20%). Accounts that do not have any shipping address yet will see prices in the shop according to those defaults. Once an account has relevant shipping information, prices in the shop will adjust to account for local VAT laws.

You likely have reached the maximum weight of our shipping options. We can ship up to 10kg for UK customers and up to 2kg for international customers.


Please log in with your Twitch account on our login page. As long as you are subscribed to our Twitch channel, you will have access to our Premium content. If you have already logged in with a WordPress account possessing the same email address, both accounts will be merged.

This is up to you. We will not be closing down Patreon for a while in order to allow people to make their transition in their own time, but you do get shop discounts on our membership plans which we can’t offer to our Patreon supporters.

Both our Premium section and Patreon will host the same content, so you’re not missing out whatever you choose. Eventually we will close Patreon with plenty of notice and kindly ask any remaining supporters that wish to continue their support to move over to our website. 

Unlike Patreon, we retain the full amount of your support on our own website. If it’s important to you that as much of your support as possible ends up with us, then we recommend switching. Please mind that Patreon will not bill you until the start of each month, while we bill on the date you registered your membership plan.

It has bugged us for a long time that Twitch subscribers have not been able to see our Patreon content while their support exceeds the minimum entry to Patreon. Having a website that hosts the same content and allows both Twitch subscribers and membership plans to have access, has been a long time dream of ours. 

Furthermore, having the same membership plans on our website allows us to integrate them with our shop in order to give discounts on our products as well as not have to pay Patreon a large percentage of your support each month. 

We’ve worked very hard to offer all features you’ve come to expect from Patreon and in some cases enhancing aspects like search results and tags. We are using industry standard WordPress membership, payment and account processing to ensure the entire process works as smooth and safe as possible.

The entire process should feel quite similar to Patreon. You can choose your preferred membership plan here, after which you will be redirected to our payment processor. You will be billed immediately and every subsequent month on the date of the start of your membership plan. 

Your account will immediately gain access to Premium content and retain it until your membership plan has expired. You can view, manage, edit or cancel your membership on the membership plan page of your account.

Discounts will be applied automatically in your basket as long as your account has an active membership plan that qualifies for shop discounts.

For the period of time where we have both website and Patreon memberships, they will both have separate lists of names from which we pull half the names each to be used in a Drama Time episode. This seemed the most fair to both platforms while we are in our transition to website only membership plans.

Once your name has been used, you’ll be able to find it through our Drama library. If you feel you’ve waited unfairly long, please contact Methuzahla and she’ll try to estimate how long it’ll take. In the future, once we’ve transitioned away from Patreon, we might look into having the list public and searchable on the website.

We will put up a Premium post that will only be accessible by Mythic memberships and up. This post will elaborate on the designs, allow you to place your vote and contest your opinion in the comment section with your fellow voters!

Legendary supporters will receive all relevant information on how to join the private Discord server in their registration confirmation email. If you are a Legendary supporter and have not received or lost this email, please get in contact with Nupss or Methuzahla.

Game nights are usually organised in the private Discord for Legendary supporters on Saturday nights UK time. We’d love to say these game nights are at least monthly, but existing Legendary supporters know that this unfortunately isn’t realistic.

We do our absolute best to make them as frequent as possible, but there will be weeks and sometimes months where the required time is just not reasonably available.

Chirriu will set up a private text channel for you over on the Discord server for Legendary supporters after you’ve joined and messaged him.

We’re currently experiencing a technical issue affecting a small subset of our people with a Premium membership plan.

Non-Twitch subscribers, who log in with Twitch and have a Premium membership plan can currently experience a loss of Premium access privileges upon log in.

For now, please contact us letting us know your account needs to be flagged, then request a password and log in with that instead. Logging in with Twitch will remove your Premium access until we’ve fixed the issue.


They can all be found on our Team/Gear page and not just for Preach alone. All gear used by Preach Gaming staff members is listed there along with their social media, contact information and what they do for Preach Gaming.

You can change your profile picture by navigating to the Edit Profile Picture tab within your account settings.

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If your question was not answered by any of the Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to get in contact with us. We will try to respond as soon as possible.