The Timewarp: Party Guide

The time has come for our annual New Years Eve party in Final Fantasy XIV... and this one is a little different!

We have teamed up with some incredible people to bring you a New Year’s party you’ll remember. This year we don’t just have a roster of incredible DJ’s from the amazing Fellaris at Endeavor Promotions, but we have not one, but THREE venues from the amazing folks over at The Sinners!

Starting at 7pm UK we’ll be at our first venue. Proudly standing in the Mists, our Allagan Chill venue is going to get you in the party spirit with some Cyberpunk and allagan vibes. DJs Qizzli and Mallow will be providing amazing cyberpunk beats to get you in the mood for a night of partying.

Venue 2 will be our next destination at 9pm UK and this one is giving some serious ‘Barbenheimer’ vibes. Think Goth meets Pop, Britney meets MCR. DJs  Miyu and Blaugrana are going to be throwing some absolute bangers at us in this Heaven and Hell themed Club.

Our last Venue is over on the Lavender Beds, hidden among the trees we’ll be calling in the New Year with some Disco Fever! DJs Devil Cyborg and Ctrl-Z are going to be giving us those serious disco jams to see us into 2024!

Please note: All venues are on Chaos – Louisoix. You will need access to the Limsa, Ul’dah and Gridania housing areas, and a minimum level 15 character

Party Times

All Venues are on Chaos – Louisoix

6pm to 7pm
Preparty tunes

Venue 1: Cyberpunk
Mists, Ward 13, Plot 34
7pm – 8:40pm

Travel to Venue 2 at 8:40

Venue 2 Emo | Pop
Goblet, Ward 7, Plot 5
9pm – 10:40pm

Travel to Venue 3 at 10:40

Venue 3 Disco
Lavender Beds, Ward 7, Plot 36
11pm – 1am

Afterparty until 4AM!

Rolling Deep: How to Get There

To get from our first to our 2nd Venue we have a route planned out for us by the lovely Jane Mango!

At 8:40pm we’ll be making our way from Venue 1 to Venue 2 by the route below. Get in those cars, grab your friends and jump on a chocobo or however else you wish to get there, we’ll be arriving at Venue 2 in style!

To get from our 2nd venue to our 3rd at 10:40pm we’re going from the Goblet to Lavender Beds following the route below!

If you’d rather not roll deep you are more than welcome to just  teleport over to the next venues of course!

The DJ Lineup

All times are UK!

18:00: Rekse: Preparty Vibes

19:00: King Qizzli (Cyberpunk)
20:00: Mallow (Cyberpunk)
21:00: Miyu (Goth/Pop)
22:00 Blaugrana (Goth/Pop)
23:00 Devil Cyborg (Disco)
00:00 Ctrl-Z (Disco)

01:00 Nihal (DJs Choice)
02:00 Momo (DJs Choice)
03:00 Lokius (DJs Choice)

04:00 Hollowpoint (DJs Choice)

05:00 DJ Xage (DJs Choice)

And then into Yams’ New Years Eve Party for NA! (Here!)

Preach Gaming
Endeavor Promotions
The Sinners
Jane Mango

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