RPG February Recap

Holla Ballers! Many of you have joined Mike in the stream as he got our RPG February event underway, where Mike delved into some classic RPG games he never got the chance to play. As you may also have realized RPG February turned into RPG March and completely ruined the name we had gone for, but gave Mike and the stream just a little more time to dive into the other games on our list.

When February arrived Mike was ready for his first game, with a stream full of eager viewers and some pretty cool new sub notifications that Chris had set up for the occasion. We wanted to go in chronological order, to see how RPG games had progressed through the years, and kicking us off was a game that was first released in 1995 (although we were playing a PC remaster from 2018). That game, with a pixel art-style, that both Mike and the chat adored, was Chrono  Trigger.

Diving into the game Mike had to assemble his team of adventuring buddies and he chose to name them after the PG team. Marle (also known as Princess Nadia) would become Emma, a small science-loving girl named Lucca would become Bex, An abandoned robot named Robo became Chris, A frog warrior with a rather spiffy looking cape became Fingle and a scarily strong cave-woman named Ayla would become Nupss. We even had some cute little emotes for the chat to spam of each of the characters, which only added to the fun both Mike and the stream had with the game. 

Mike’s playthrough of Chrono Trigger was a fantastic start to, what we hoped would be, a fantastic month (or two…). The story and the characters were engaging and we all genuinely felt bad when Mike sent Chris the robot to till fields for 400 years, and chat found it very amusing when Mike’s blue eyes turned green with envy as our noble froggy friend Fingle got some amazing loot that Mike couldn’t use. Mike ended up playing 26 hours of Chrono Trigger and he got the Beyond Time ending.

Fresh off the back of Chrono Trigger we moved down the timeline a little for our next game, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II- The Sith Lords, from 2005. Our 2nd RPG would prove to be very different to Chono Trigger, and it swapped that old-school classic pixel style for that early 3d graphics style.

One thing it did have in common with Chrono Trigger however was a party system and we all met and fell in love with the first little android we saw and promptly christened Tony. Tony wouldn’t last long however and when we did eventually open up our hearts to another android we named him… well, Two-ny. As for Mike’s main character, this time he went for a Jedi Sentinel with the very prestigious name of Hairgone Jinn. Unlike his usual playstyle of being a trigger-happy Judge Dredd, Mike was determined to go against everything he knows and loves and would embrace the Light Side.

Another member of the party, however, a sociopathic Jedi we named Bessy, acted almost like Mike’s subconscious by berating any light-sided decision and trying to push our angelic Hairgone Jinn to the dark side, they have cookies after all.

 The next game in our RPG lineup was an often requested one that a lot of members of the community really seemed to love. Our third game was Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition, released in 2017.

This game was very reminiscent of a more Dungeons and Dragons type game, one with stat rolls, initiative order, and a gloriously in-depth story. Mike listened to the origin stories of all the pre-made characters and decided upon Lohse, creating her as a sword-and-board tank, but later changing her to a more two-handed warrior. He also took along Sebille who ended up becoming a hybrid of a tank, healer, and summoner, Ifan as a ranger and Beast who he also changed from a battlemage to an Air and Fire mage.

This ability to respec the characters completely at your choosing and with little detriment was a big draw to the game, and it worked amazingly. Mike travelled from sea to prison island, and back to sea and beyond, all the while enjoying the rich storytelling and immersive environments the game offered you. Mike and Chat often found themselves wondering just how many hours of dialogue the main narrator had to record.

This truly was a game that Mike threw himself into headfirst, liking it so much he even recorded a video review of the game that you can find on our main channel.

The last game on our list was Cyberpunk 2077. A game we heard a lot about, good and bad. Mike wanted to try it out as our final, and most modern, offering for our month of RPGs. 

What we found was a game with a ton of fun sidelines and quests, with moments that were both hilarious and heart-breaking. Mike’s driving was a perpetual cause of concern for the citizens of Night City and the chat got some pretty good use out of the Monkasteer emote. The game kept us hooked, and though not without its bugs it generally didn’t get in the way of a brilliant playthrough.

Mike chose to romance Judy and ultimately chose the Rogue’s Path ending. There are several other endings in the game but we’re leaving those for you to find out!

We found Cyberpunk to be a great game and we wanted to share the love, gifting 2 copies of the game ourselves and 2 copies of the game on behalf of a fantastic member of the community named Ravenribb.

We hope everyone else playing has a great a time as we did in Night City.

We had an absolute blast playing the RPG games we selected, so much so that RPG month turned into RPG 2 months! To celebrate the fun we’ve had and the amazing games that have given us hours of enjoyment we’ve designed a new T-Shirt!

Chris has created an awesome design chock-full of little easter eggs of the RPG games we played. You can see Jedi Mike, a Blind Ifan holding Fire Slug, and many other references for you to find.

If you’d like to remember our RPG Febru-March Marathon you can find the new design on T-Shirts and Hoodies in either Black or Navy. They are available right now for a limited period in our shop.

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