Horror May is Upon Us!

Holla Ballers! The world is a scary place sometimes, like when you turn your phone on to take a picture and it accidentally goes to the front camera, and you realize you look like the Lunch Lady.

There is truly no greater horror

Some people love a good scare, whilst others would rather watch others be scared. Mike falls very firmly in that first group, and he has played quite the assortment of horror games, ranging from the mildly disturbing to the downright terrifying. As many games as he’s played though he is always looking for more, and that is why we are happy to announce….


Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking:

1. Wow what an original name, who came up with that?! And the answer is we tried several options such as Death and DisMAY but ultimately we went with Horror May. Imagine the name as being a really simple name on a delicious chocolate bar. You know its going to be good because they spent all their time on the delicious content and not on the name. I mean that’s just science.

2. Is this going to be called Horror May but actually we’ll be playing this into June and possibly next June? To which I can only respond, hey we go with the flow here at PG, and in the words of the great Ford Prefect of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy: “Time is an illusion, Lunch time doubly so

We have a few games on the list for Horror May that we’re excited to sink our teeth into, including Returnal, where we ‘Break the Cycle of Chaos on an alien planet’. If there is anything we’re good at its breaking cycles of chaos, true we do this by replacing the current turmoil with immense amounts of death and destruction, but hey, it works.

We also have Resident Evil Village coming up which means we can watch Mike run into traps, kill all the dogs in the game, and miss seemingly obvious clues in a game that we’re all too scared to play. People have also been mentioning one of the characters and wanting to be stepped on by them, which has certainly got us intrigued and also concerned about some members of the community.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, well hold on to your butts, because we also have Little Nightmares 2 on the list. That’s right, the dark but slightly cute art-style of Little Nightmares draws you in and then slaps you in the face with a healthy dose of WTF, so we are super excited to play the second game!

Horror May will be starting on Monday May 3rd on Twitch, so sit down, get comfy, turn the lights off, and tune in for Horror May.

See you there!

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