RPG February

After all the mayhem that January inevitably has in store for us, it's nice to sit back, put our feet up, and watch Mike play some games where he fails horribly at stealth, murders the whole population in the name of justice, or walks around in transmog which is questionable at best.

RPG games are a huge cornerstone of gaming, giving us some of the most memorable characters, haunting storylines, and best WTF moments. Mike has delved head-first into the rich worlds on offer in these games, quelled countless threats, returned vast mountains of lost items, and much to chat’s dismay, also murdered many, many, dogs.

Despite having a good amount of RPG games under his belt, there are some classics Mike hasn’t tried. Countless worlds that remain undiscovered, threats that rage on unhindered, and dogs that still yet live. Well, that’s about to change.

Reminiscent of Mike’s Dark Souls December Marathon a few years ago, Mike will be dedicating a whole month to RPG Games in what we, in our endless ingenuity and creative genius, have named RPG February.

As the more astute of you have probably surmised, the whole of February Mike will be playing various RPG Games. The team have discussed which games are going  on the menu and, not wanting to ruin your appetite, I won’t be discussing every game that made it onto the list. I will however give you  a little idea, an amuse-bouche if you will, of a classic RPG game that Mike will be delving into come February.

Think back to 1995, a time when Adidas poppers were the height of fashion, men from Brad Pitt to Mike Lamb kept frosting the tips of their hair, and ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ by Coolio was topping the charts. A game was released on the SNES where you could get away from all the troubles of the 90s and dive through the rivers of time as a young boy named Crono. Yes, Mike will be playing the much-loved RPG, Chrono Trigger.

Just like Chrono, Mike will be delving into different eras of RPG history as he plays some older games alongside some more modern offerings. Taking a whole month to play them gives him a good chance to really dig deep into some of the amazing games he’s missed. As Mike is trying to get through a few games in February there are some RPG games, such as the amazing Elder Scrolls Series, that are just too big to really just do justice to in the time we have, but we’re sure you’ll be happy with the games that made it onto the list.

We are all looking forward to RPG February, and we hope you will join us along for the adventure. So, pack up your adventurer’s backpacks, roll up your sleeping bags, and fill your thermos with some fresh tea, because just like Bilbo Baggins once said “I’m going on an adventure!

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