The Launch Party: Recap

On November 23rd we said goodbye to Azerite Power and Island Expeditions. Sayonara essences! Auf Wiedersehen Warfronts! And we waited patiently for the time to come when we, the brave heroes of Azeroth, would venture forth and cross the broken veil between this world and the next. In-game we may have all been standing around in Stormwind and Orgrimmar using all the toys in our collections just to distract ourselves, but outside of the game over 7,000 ballers were gathered together on Twitch for the Preach Gaming Launch Party.

We had plenty of goodies to give away during the evening including Shadowlands collector’s editions and some awesome Blue Yeti X Warcraft microphones so you can shout “Holla Ballers!” whilst sounding like a gnome as you rampage across the new zones, a DOOM Board game so you could dominate your friends around the dining table, and even the new Warcraft Small World game which is a ton of mildly infuriating fun.

Whilst some giveaways were as simple as posting a specific sentence in the chat, (a personal favourite being !ripandhair), others would require that our covetous ballers prove their worth, and to kick off the evening we started with a fan favourite: The Confessional.

With the help of our resident stream wizard, Preach was transformed into Preachbiter, the arbiter’s Manchester cousin. Guilty ballers had to stand before Arbiter-preach and the chat and confess their most heinous of sins, with Preach and the chat passing down their verdict. For their harrowing experience as an officer in a Social Casual Raiding Guild where nobody could be mean to anyone else, one lucky baller won the first Blue Yeti X of the night, and the unending sympathy of the chat.

Behold! Preachbiter!

To win other goodies some of you sent in pictures of your Shadowlands Launch Setups for us to criticize your choice in snacks and scrutinize your cable management. Regardless of how you won them we hope all our lucky winners enjoy their well-earnt prizes.

The Stream was not all about Shadowlands however, because it started with a countdown to something very exciting: The Launch of our new website! Within minutes thousands of you descended upon the website and promptly overwhelmed it, eager to see what goodies we kept locked inside, and oh, what goodies they were.

Our new shop held the much requested last stocks of our 2019 Preach Gaming Mouse Mats, and a brand-new tee featuring a custom ‘Tower of Memories’ design modelled by Mike, Emma and much loved baller, Rob. The Mouse Mats quickly sold out and the tees were also being sold at an astounding rate, though we do still have some if you wanted to pick one up for yourself!

Our night of Giveaways, Bants, and crashing the Website erupted into a screaming crescendo as Highlord Darion Mograine popped up on our screens telling us that the Shadowlands was here!

Ballers near and far raced into the new expansion, and we are delighted and grateful that our community of nerds could get together once more to experience it with one another. Whether it was the server status reports we would give each other in chat, to the shouts of “ITS HERE!” it’s always an experience we remember.

Launch night is over, but the fun is only just beginning. Come join us over on Twitch to see how Mike gets on in the new expansion, and please do tag us in some pictures in your new tees when you get them, we’d love to see them!

 Thanks once again for the amazing support during the stream. We hope you enjoy the website and have an obscene amount of fun in The Shadowlands.

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