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Preach Gaming started back in 2010 with main content creator Mike “Preach” Lamb. What started out as one guy in Manchester has evolved into a small team spread out all over the globe, with plans of one day corralling them all into one super nerdy Office in the UK. As we introduce our flashy new website we also thought it was about time we introduce the current Preach Gaming Staff in a little bit more detail.

Mike 'Preach'


Ahoy! I’m Mike aka Preach. The CEO, the big cheese, the top dog, the big Kahuna, Lord of the Rings, Ben AND Jerrys. 

Hailing from Manchester, England. Several years ago I took my gaming hobby to the Internet and haven’t looked back since. I started PG with a simple goal. I wanted to find a guide for a Rogue in WoW. After watching several videos online it became clear that no-one was producing the kind of content I wanted to see. So.. I decided to do it myself. 

Since then I have watched the team and my self grow into so much more and each week; I hear suggestions and ideas that will carry us far into the future to become the best source of gaming entertainment on the internet.

Hi, I’m Emma or Miss Preach to some.

First and foremost I am Mike’s wife – yes it really is a husband/wife guild here at PG. I started working with Mike 4 years ago now as Business Development Manager – what this actually translates to is building working relationships with game development companies & negotiating contracts for upcoming partnerships/ affiliate programs. 

Although I won’t be playing Shadowlands at launch you never know if there are some random Friday eve streams from myself to see what all the fuss is about… watch this space! 

Moving into 2021 I am VERY excited to see our channel grow and to see how YOU the community can interact with us to make this website everything we want and more. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new website and are looking forward to 2021 with us!

Emma 'MissPreach'


Chris 'ChunkeyNinja'


Howdy everyone, I’m Chris, otherwise known as the Great Memelord ChunkeyNinja. I came up with this name when I was 11 as I recall; and it has by-and-large stuck with me ever since. While it is not the most unique name around, it is mine.

My job within Preach Gaming is primarily as the graphic designer and video editor of the team – designing overlays and assets for stream and editing many of the videos which appear on the Youtube channel. For those who are regular watchers of the stream, you will probably also know me as the dude who relentlessly abuses Mike courtesy of on-screen stuff and amusing sound bytes taken out of context. Who else can say they get paid to make fun of their boss?

While plenty of people in the community will know me for the work I do now, a number of you will know me from the before-times, where I was just a humble PG fan like you. I started watching Preach back around 2012-2013, first from his Top 5’s and Legacies, and then onto Drama time and I have been a fan ever since. If you have attended any of the Preachcons, you may well have shared a beer with me. Back in 2019 while watching a stream one day, Mike said he wanted to redo the graphics for his stream and I put myself forward on a lark. From there things have progressed further and further into a full time career which I could not be more thankful for. Truly making all of you laugh and have fun has made this the most enjoyable and fulfilling job I have ever had.

In terms of World of Warcraft, I started playing back in Wrath of the Lich King (Wrathbaby HYPE!), beginning with a Tauren druid, which was promptly hacked after falling for a tradechat phishing scam (yes I know…) and then onto a Nightelf druid on Eonar EU called Florien. Back then I was a terrible clicker and a noob, but I still look back on that time with nostalgia before I was all cynical about what Blizz gets up to each expansion. 

Now, unlike the other tryhards I work with, I am actually not a mythic raider or particularly great at the game so you can consider me the casual side of Preach Gaming (I love my transmog). So nowadays when I have time to play at all, generally I will just be playing whatever DPS spec I want to, and will at most be raiding heroic content very casually. In Shadowlands I will probably be playing Fury Warrior and will obviously be choosing Venthyr ‘cause CONDEMN GO BRRRRR.

Outside of WoW and gaming in general, I also spend a lot of my time on artwork as a digital illustrator. It’s not something I do for money, although I might get around to doing commissions when I can be bothered. So if you follow me on the tweet machine, you may well see me posting artwork when I have time to do so. Otherwise I love to spend time reading (Cosmere, Dresden Files and the like) or watching some good TV Shows.

In 2021 I hope to grow the business further in whatever ways I can contribute, making the stream stuff better and producing more high quality video content for you guys.

Hi, I’m Craig, also known as Fin or Fingle.

I’m from Scotland and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla on and off, taking it more seriously since Legion. If I’m not doing World Quests on 4 characters you’re likely to find me on the golf course.

I joined Preach Gaming for the money and the power… Honestly though it was just a bit of fun whilst Shadowlands Alpha was live. I enjoy playing with Mike and I wanted to help out, turns out I enjoy that too. I jump in when Mike needs help with something, and I’m looking forward to getting more involved as PG moves forward!

Speaking of moving forward, next year  I’d like to be able to leave my house, maybe get a holiday in.

I’ll be playing Shadowlands on my Paladin, Priest, and Monk.

Craig 'Fingle'


Mike 'Nupss'


Hi, I’m Mike also known as Nupss. I still go by my edgy teen nickname Knupzz on my mage. That mage has been through too much to go with a different name. It was that mage I met Mike (Preach) on 15 years ago in Vanilla in a guild called Berzerkers on Balnazzar and continued playing with him on and off until I had to quit wow to keep my achievements at school above minimum before Black Temple.

I came back to WoW in Mists of Pandaria to join Stark Industries after seeing Mike on a randomly recommended YouTube video and thinking he looked and sounded quite familiar.

I have a background of studying and working in IT and online marketing, being an all rounder who can work with both coders and artists. Mike approached me several times to work with me, but it was never the right time and I was unsure about having to move to the UK. The most recent time we talked about me working for Preach Gaming, I was out of a job so I jumped on it and have been having a great time since.

I was originally hired to be heading up the variety gaming youtube channel with my own video’s, and that might still happen, but once we had the idea of making a webshop I raised my hand and said I was capable of getting that done. Since then, it’s gotten a bit bigger than just a shop!

In 2021 I hope to have really found my place in Preach Gaming and to be plugging away at branching the business and community into new avenues that would’ve been impossible for Mike to do alone. Variety gaming is still an option, but the website will have to be maintained and expanded and perhaps I’ll help in acquiring new partnership deals in the future.

I’ll be playing Shadowlands and starting out with a Shaman, but will very likely level a Mage quickly after!

Hey there, I’m Bex, also known as Methuzahla.

I’m a loudmouthed little Welsh lady who loves tea, dinosaurs, and video games.

I started playing WoW fairly recently compared to the rest of the team, only starting in Mists of Pandaria. I’m a fully fledged MoP Baby who was drawn in by Chuck Norris round-house kicking goblins into buildings in the trailer. I started playing a Worgen Feral druid because come on, its a werewolf tiger, and I’ve never looked back still playing a Worgen Feral druid because  it’s still a badass werewolf  tiger.  To join a lot of my friends on the Horde side however I do have an Undead Death Knight and a Tauren druid.

I play the game very casually, with no interest in raiding whatsoever. I love the lore of the people and places of Warcraft and have a particular soft-spot for Nozdormu and a violent disdain for Tyrande.

I joined Preach Gaming after Mike mentioned he needed some work doing and I quickly took over the handling of the variety games youtube, Twitch collections and highlights, and listing all of the drama stories.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the future and I’m very excited for things to come!

Bex 'Methuzahla'


Well, that’s us! That’s the PG Staff  working hard on bringing you some amazing content. We’re all really excited about what the future holds for PG both as staff members and as members of the community, and we look forward to getting to know you all along the way.

If you’d like any further information you can find our contact information, and links to the gear we use, over on the Team tag.

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