Preachcon 2024

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Join us for two days of non-stop bants and unforgettable experiences on August 14th and 15th, 2024!

Day 1: Show Day (August 14th)

We’ll kick off Preachcon 2024 with a revamped show, still featuring some of your favourite content creators, both newcomers and oldtimers! They’ll take to the stage along with Preach and perhaps some enthusiastic audience members too, to put on a show with plenty of surprises. Food will be served after the show, or for the knowers, right in the middle of it if we’re late to start again.

After the show, let loose and mingle with fellow fans, creators, and the PG team at our after-party!

Day 2: Community Day (August 15th)

It’s all about you on Day 2 as we celebrate our incredible community!

There will be a 5v5 gaming tournament, featuring mystery games handpicked to test your gaming prowess! Sponsored by SCAN Computers and brought to life by professional commentators, you’ll have a chance to soak in some of that esport feel!

Then there’s also a cosplay competition at Preachcon this year! Bring your best costuming skills to the stage or just have a right laugh together with everyone present; you know exactly what our community is like! Signups for the tournament and cosplay competition to follow later, so keep an eye on Twitter, Discord, YouTube and our stream!

Furthermore there will be loads of activities spread around the room. Paint your own Warhammer mini to be featured in our very own diorama, all resources provided. Alternatively, you can prepare your own mini and bring it along as well. Then sign our photo collage to be immortalised on one of our office walls, play games with your fellow attendees on various stations spread around the room or have a chat and take a cute selfie with Preach and the team. You’ll find it easier to access them this day than it probably will be on the first one.

Don’t miss out on our celebration of community, creativity, and camaraderie at Preachcon 2024! Get your tickets now!



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