A Very Spooky Housing Competition

Holla Ballers! Mike has been having a blast in Shadowbringers and you have supported him in ways we cant begin to thank you for.

Last week, Mike was surprised by the Kweh loving free company who set a trap for him. Mike had set them a challenge to make the FC house as dark and disturbing as they could… so thats exactly what we did!

Ilandra, our housing wizard, got to work and closed off the basement. When Mike stepped into the FC house a week later he was met with darkness and the echoing clamour of bells. He was led downstairs and then discovered the spooky shenanigans the Crawlers had been getting up to. 

You can watch the video of what happened on our highlights channel, but that inspired Mike. He wanted a housing competition, much like our first, but one that was meant to spook, scare, and terrify. What better time with All Saint’s Wake just around the corner where you could earn yourself a rather terrifying clown costume?

What Is The New Housing Competition?

So, we are happy to announce that we will be holding a Haunted Housing Competition!

We want your spookiest, creepiest and most disturbing housing builds and experiences. All housing types are accepted, from an FC room to huge mansions.

Unlike last time this time we also welcome you bringing in your friends and FC members  to your entry so you can creep us out in person. Maybe you could be a witch tending to a bubbling cauldron, perhaps you’re the creepy butler staring at us through the wall. Maybe you’re a captive begging us to free you… let your imagination run riot!

Unfortunately the competition is once again only on Chaos and Light Data Centres, but we will look to have some events for other areas in the future!

As you can have friends with you this time, please remember that our Judges will have to be able to walk through the entry so please keep that in mind. We want them to be able to see the hard work you’ve put in!

Who Will Be Judging and What Is the Prize?

Speaking of Judges, Mike will be judging the entries alongside Ilandra and Zepla! Our intrepid judges will once again also have Golden Tickets to award to their favourite entries. The winner of the competition will receive £100. Please note that we will be sending this to the person who submits the entry.

How Do I Enter the Competition?

Submitting your entry couldn’t be easier: you can do this the same way as last time: on our Discord! Follow the instructions on the FFXIV Haunted Housing Comp thread. Please note that although we wish we could, we cannot visit every entry on stream and so a few little elves will be shortlisting the entries that the judges will get to experience.

Entries close on: Thursday 27th January at 5:00pm UK.

The judges will be experiencing the entries live on stream on: Friday 4th February at 6pm UK.

We look forward to seeing your spooky entries!

Best of luck!

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