Preachmas 2020

Recording a holiday message and game announcement is no longer necessary, but we’d still prefer receiving one. If you choose not to record a message, please try to include why you chose your game.

Starting December 13th, Preach will be streaming every day leading up to Christmas and you get to request the games he will be playing! Optionally, record and send in the most festive video message you can muster, in which you announce your game for Preach to play and why you chose it.

Creativity will be rewarded as Chunkeyninja and Nupss will pick the 12 best, funniest and most creative submissions. The deadline for your submission is December 8th 23:59 GMT. 

Keep in mind the following notes and rules:
– Your game can be as genuine or trolly as you want, as long as it is within Twitch ToS.
– Your game has to be easily downloadable from a reputable online marketplace or website.
– Games that provide for an entertaining 4-6 hour stream have the best chances at being picked.
– If you choose to record a holiday message, upload it as unlisted to YouTube and include it with your submission.
– If you choose to record a holiday message, it will be played on stream to announce the game to Preach and the audience. Preach will not know what game he’ll be playing until he sees¬† your message. Chunkeyninja will remotely install the game the night before.

Submissions are closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted their video message and game request.

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